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Birth date: September 5th, 1989
Jason is the "cool kid", and is Jen's cousin, as well as Patch's best friend since they were kids. Before, he was the hyperactive kid, and usually the reason that the rest of the group got into trouble. It seems, however, that he matured during his Junior year, donning sunglasses and a black coat. He still remains Jason, with his backwards red baseball cap and red t-shirt with an exclamation point on it.

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Birth date: March 6, 1989
Patch is the "brains" of the group. So far he's maintaining a solid 4.0, and managed to get a 2150 on the SAT. As if to spite the stereotype of an antisocial nerd, he practically exhales charisma. Patch enjoys spending his time with Jen, who he's been (officially) going out with since early in their sophomore year. He's often seen with a long sleeve black shirt with a white Z on it, but he's usually got a buttoned up polo on top of that.

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Birth date: March 29, 1989
Jen is the athletic type. Name a sport, she can do it. She always has been, and always will be. It's a wonder how she found love in the arms of a geek such as Patch. She's usually able to take control of the group if they get out of hand, just before they break something expensive. Anyway, she usually wears a hoodie with a star on it on top of a white long sleeve shirt.

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Birth date: November 2, 1989
Nikko is the "new kid" to the group. Kind of. He moved to the USA from Japan in their freshman year of High School where he was introduced to the group by the once-hyperactive Jason. Since he joined, he has assumed a leadership role, replacing James, who became spiteful because of this. The first thing he noticed when he joined the group was Melissa, and hides his feelings for her from everyone.

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Birth date: December 6, 1989
Melissa is practically the stereotypical "girl next door". She's kind, she's cute, she's... extremely shy. The "quiet" type of the group. She joined the group back in third grade when Jen invited her over to play while Jason and Patch were visiting. Not much has changed with Melissa since they've entered High School besides an increasingly powerful crush on Nikko. Melissa's logo is a skull with a bow on it.

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Birth date: November 18, 1989
James is the former "leader" of the group, and left because he was "too cool to hang out with losers". This puzzled everyone else, because he often displayed his desire for the group to stick together. He acts bitter towards Nikko, and is convinced that he has "replaced" him. James will do anything to spite him.

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